First thing first is setup the environment for your development such as IDE Notepad++ or Atom and then XAMPP, and FileZilla FTP client if you use Linux or Mac environment. If you still unsure, you can reach our development environment guidance for better explanation.


After your development environment is set, download framework and the extract to XAMPP/htdocs/seme/ and go to XAMPP/htdocs/seme/app/config and choose config.php first and match the $site variable to 'http://localhost/seme/' and $sene_method using PATH_INFO if using XAMPP.

Check XAMPP/htdocs/seme/.htaccess file is exist, if not you can refer to our guide about htaccess.

Since the framework need at least one working database connection, so you need create your dummy database lets say seme_db. Leave it same name if you wont any conflict.

Back to app/config directory and then change database.php file to fit your database connection. By default MySQL on XAMPP username is root without password. Fill the database name seme_db.


If you are done, you can open http://localhost/seme/ through your browser and show Thankyou for using seme framework means its done.