Setup the database connection

On this database we will learn about importing database and configuring database connection for Seme Framework.

Create the database using PhpMyAdmin

PhpMyAdmin is web based database management interface.

This tool allowed you to do almost anything to your MySQL or MariaDB powered database.

If you have run the XAMPP, then you can open http://localhost/phpmyadmin/.

You have to create a database, named seme_framework.

Import the example database

After create a database, you have to import the database.

We have already save some sql files in your sql directory.

Before continuing the export process you have to select the database seme_framework which is you have created it before.

Navigate to export and choose seme_framework.sql file in sql directory.

After importing SQL, you can see new tables already added to database.

Database Connection

After importing the dabase, we have to edit the configuration file.

Open app/config/development.php wit atom or another text editor.

And then change the value of each configration fit with you system requirements.

On this configuration we will use:

  • database host localhost
  • username root
  • password empty string
  • database name seme_framework
/* == Database Configuration == */
/* Database connection information */
/* @var array of string */
$db['host']  = 'localhost';
$db['user']  = 'root';
$db['pass']  = '';
$db['name']  = 'seme_framework';
$db['port'] = '3306';
$db['charset'] = 'latin1';
$db['engine'] = 'mysqli';

You may override this value to fit your system requirements.

Database Quick Start