Seme Framework

Web Framework for Veteran PHP Programmer

class Product extends SENE_Controller
  public $user_login=0;

  public function __construct()
    $session = $this->getKey();
    if(isset($session->user->id)) $this->user_login = 1;


  public function index()
    $data = array();
    $page = (int) $this->input->post('page');
    $pagesize = (int) $this->input->post('pagesize');
    $data['cpm'] = $this->cpm->get($page,$pagesize);


    $this->setTitle('Catalog Product'.$this->config->semevar->site_suffix);


Seme Framework are bunch of codes that made from PHP, suitable for creating up to medium scale web based applications without started from scratch. This framework is lightweight just from development phase until the applications are in production phase. Seme Framework still retains the traditional method (manual way of code), which is suitable for both newbie programmers and veteran programmers.

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Key Feature

Here are some reasons why you should use the Seme Framework:

  1. Seme Framework is made with the PHP programming language, does not need to initialize data types, and is still in the same family as the C programming language. Read more about PHP basics .
  2. The Seme Framework is very lightweight because it only builds the basic code for its abstract classes and is tested each development with CacheGrind from the XDEBUG extension in PHP.
  3. Seme Framework uses the Model View Controller (MVC) concept, so that code generation can be more structured. Read more about MVC .
  4. The Seme Framework has automatic routing, so page creation can be quickly generated directly with the URL route. Read more about URI routing .
  5. The Seme Framework supports creating display themes where the same views can be reused without having to re-code them. Read more about Display Themes .
  6. Seme Framework has a database query builder class for SQL preparation, so you don't have to worry about SQL code incorrectly when interacting with the database. Read more about Model Class .
  7. Seme Framework can also be integrated / linked with additional modules or libraries that both use the PHP programming language. Read more about Library .
  8. The Seme Framework has several tutorial guides and documentation for its use. Read more about Tutorial .

How Seme Framework Work?

Seme Framework serves as a Web Application Framework for your source code that bridges between the Web Browser and the Database System. Seme Framework has provided ready-to-use functions and methods for creating web-based applications. Database System with Seme Framework communicate using Structured Query Language (SQL), but with query builder for simple SQL has been handle by it. So, the programmer simply to continue by extending code from Seme Framework. And then can focused to their logic implementation and solution result through web browser.


Here is the badges (indicator) of project status:

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Seme Framework licensed under MIT version 2.0.

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