Seme Framework 4

In version 4.0.3 Seme Framework has main target is using JSON object for template configuration. The first thing on this version is modified the configuration files to single files only. And then we have to optimizing the codes and the memory used by using XDebug and qcachegrind for viewing memory used.

Key Features

This framework still using Mode View Controller life cycle:

Deployable. Single file configuration for development, staging and production. So you can deploy apps into server git support.
Libraries. Dont worry with libraries, as long as you can use Composer. You can put any composer project into kero/lib directory.
Admin Friendly. Seme Framework has specaial re-routing feature for admin page, without refactoring the MVC. And re-routing for any purpose.
Optimized. With combination of XDebug and qcachegrind Seme Framework has optimized little by little.

Whats New

  1. Merged Configuration files into single files. Split configuration by development, staging, and production for fast deploying.
  2. Add bin directory into kero.
  3. Split function into functions.php files.
  4. Optimized MySQLi library.
  5. Optimized Controller library.
  6. Replacing str_replace to strtr if possible.


Seme Framework licensed under MIT.

Question and Answer

Feel free to ask me on my instagram, facebook, or open an issue on github.