Library is a file of collection of file that you can use inside Seme Framework. You can found our library on kero/lib/. Seme Framework has 3 method for loading library.

  1. instantiate library object automatically,
  2. instantiate object of library by using different name
  3. include only library file, so you can instantiate by using its class name.

Loading A Library

You can load library from controller by using method lib. Method lib has 3 parameter required:

  • Location of library file relative to kero/lib/.
  • Object name, default name is class name with in lower case format.
  • The include method. you can use inc value if you just require_once only your lib. Otherwise library will instantiate automatically.

Example loading json library in home controller:

Class Home extends SENE_Controller {

  public function __construct(){
  public function index(){
    $data = array();
    $data["status"]  = 200;
    $data["message"] = 'Hello we just use json right here, Yi-Ha!';
    $data["result"]  = array();

After that you can open your base_url on browser and see what you get.

List of Library

Here is the list of library currently exist on seme framework: