getJsContent method

The getJsContent method will echo the buffered view components that contain javascript from putJsContent method. This method usually called in a view layout.

Basic Usage

The basic usage for getJsContent method.

$thiss->getJsContent(): void


There is no parameter available for getIcon method.

Example Usage

Usually this method called inside a layout file. Here is the basic example for getJsContent method. Here is the content of col-1.php layout file.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html class="no-js" lang="id">
  <?php $this->getThemeElement('page/html/head',$__forward); ?>
  <body class="preloader-active">
    <?php $this->getThemeElement('page/html/header',$__forward); ?>
    <?php $this->getThemeContent(); ?>
    <?php $this->putJsContent('page/html/footjs',$__forward); ?>

    <!-- jQuery, Bootstrap.js, jQuery plugins and Custom JS code -->
    <?php $this->getJsFooter(); ?>

    <!-- Load and execute javascript code used only in this page -->
        <?php $this->getJsReady(); ?>
      <?php $this->getJsContent(); ?>