This framework runs fine at PHP 5.6, but PHP 7.4.x is recommended regarding to its security performance.

Also, Seme Framework requires some PHP extension including:

  • MySQLi
  • JSON
  • Session

Supported Database Engine

A database is required for most web application programming. Currently supported databases are:

  • MySQL 5.1+ via the MySQLi drivers
  • MariaDB version 5.5.x via the MySQLi drivers
  • MariaDB version 10.x.x via the MySQLi drivers

Since the framework requires the working connection to a MySQL database, it wont work unless you setup the database connection.

IDE or Text Editor

An IDE or Text Editor are required for implementing codes into Seme Framework. You can choose any IDE but Seme Framework was built by using:

  • Notepad++ Simple Text editor but with better features
  • Atom Hackable Text editor
  • VSCode Lighter if compare to atom


Seme Framework running well by using this kind of environments:

Optional Requirements

Seme Framework more powerful and flexible if also installing:

  • GIT for Mac, Linux, and Windows
  • CMDER Console / terminal emulator for Windows Only
  • Oh My ZSH Console / terminal for Mac and Linux