Could not find model PATH_MODEL_NAME

Seme framework has theme directory under app/model, so you have to checked it for supplied model name or path with its model name are exist.

Example error message

could not find model b_user_model on D:/XAMPP/htdocs/seme_framework/app/model/b_user_model.php
could not find model api/b_user_model on D:/XAMPP/htdocs/seme_framework/app/model/api/b_user_model.php
could not find model admin/b_user_model on D:/XAMPP/htdocs/seme_framework/app/model/admin/b_user_model.php


Create manually the model file same as model name name underapp/model/.

If the model loader has path, you have to checked the directory are existed or not.

If the directory is missing, you have to created it manually.

Please make sure the filename and with its extension are not contain symbol and whitespace(s).