The theme.json File

The theme.json file contain about css links tags to use in inside head tag. This file are required for creating a theme.


The location of this file is inside a theme directory.

└── view/
 └── [THEME_NAME]/
  ├──  ...
  ├──  theme.json
  └──  ...

How It Works

The theme.json file processed by SENE_Controller class constructor and outputed by getAdditional().

Example Usage with JSON String

Here is the example codes for theme.json file using json string.

"<link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"{{base_url}}skin/front/css/nprogress.css\" />",
"<link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"\" />",
"<link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"{{cdn_url}}assets/css/jquery.gritter.css\" />"

The {{cdn_url}} and {{base_url}} Keyword

theme.json support {{cdn_url}} and {{base_url}} keyword for replacing value from Seme Framework configuration.