Config Property

The config is a property from SENE_Controller class contain about configuration values from Seme Framework Configuration.

Basic Usage

Here is the basic usage for config property method.



The $object_config_name value can be a string, object, array, or integer depends on value that existing on configuration.

Example Usage

Here is the example usage config property in a controller file.

//print the database connection host
echo $this->config->db['host'];

Semevar Property

The semevar property is an object from config property contain about additional config values that can be obtained from config property. Here is the example on configuration file.

$semevar['site_name'] = 'Cipta Esensi Merenah';
$semevar['site_version'] = '1.0.0';

And then on controller, we can get the values from config through controller.

echo $this->config->semevar->site_name.' v'.$this->config->semevar->site_version;