From Method

From method is part of database class builder for selecting table with its alias. This method support chaining method.

Basic Usage

Here is the basic usage from method from $db property on SENE_Model class.

$this->db->from(string $table_name[, string $table_alias=""]): $this->db


This method has 1 required parameter and 1 optional parameter.


The $table_name value can contain string that refer to table name.


The $alias value can contain about string that aliased the value of $table_name. This value are required if using the Join Method .


Here is the example for from in a model class.

class Blog_Model extends SENE_Model{
  var $tbl = 'blog';
  var $tbl_as = 'b';
  public function __construct(){
  public function countList(){
    return $this->db->get();