URI Routing for Admin Pages

Seme Framework has default feature to overide all routes below app/controller/admin. This feature comes when user need some extra security for securing admin pages. Not only re-routes, Seme Framework has another base_url function for compatibilty routing between admin page. The function is base_url_admin().


For using this feature, Seme Framework has some condition to meet such as:

  1. $site_url have to fill correclty on each file configurations, e.g. app/config/development.php.
  2. $admin_secret_url on admin routing section in each file configuration is set. Default value admin.
  3. Only work on controller below app/controller/admin folder.
  4. If there is a controller folder match with $admin_secret_url value, the controller under matched will be ignored.
  5. Use base_url_admin respectively instead of base_url().